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Business event in Kalmar

Explore Kalmar from sea together with your colleagues.

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Guided kayak tour in Kalmar
Highlights on the tour:

Kalmar Castle, the watertower and the prison seen from waterlevel.

Learn basic paddling technique.

Paddle in the calm canal and see Kalmar city from the water.

Take the opportunity to enjoy coffee or lunch / dinner in connection with the paddling in our collaboration with Västerport.

Ett äventyr för alla

Ta med kollegorna på en härlig paddeltur genom centrala Kalmar. Kalmar By Sea erbjuder företagspaddling med utgångspunkt från centralt belägna Vattentornsparken. Hit kommer alla typer av livsnjutare för att uppleva Kalmar från vattnet från en stabil enmans- eller tvåmanskajak.

The group meets at the kayak rental about 15 minutes before the agreed paddle time, and gets help from our staff with everything practical: change, storage of valuables, equipment (life jacket, paddle, canopy / splash guard and a waterproof bag).

When everyone is ready, our staff holds a short review of safety and gives some tips on paddle technology. Then you get help to step in your kayaks and to set their foot pedals. When you feel ready, you paddle away together, out into the calm canal. The journey goes either south towards Kalmar Castle, where we paddle around the castle in the moat, or north around Lindö. If you want to paddle a little further, we can continue up towards Kullö and round Kullökläpparna. After about 1.5 hours, the group is back at the bridge again, fulfilled and happy with a wonderful experience on Kalmar's waters.

In the booking form below, you can fill in how many participants you are expected to be, if you want to bring a guide on the water, as well as some other options.

Feel free to end your kayak trip with a coffee or AW at our partner Västerport. You book coffee / lunch / AW / dinner in connection with the kayak booking. You can also book a conference / party room at Västerport in connection with the kayaking.

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Hitta rätt och förbered er

You start and end the paddle tour from our rental in Vattentornsparken. Please arrive 10 minutes in advance to check in and prepare with equipment. Warm welcome!