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Night tour in Kalmar

Do you want to be part of a completely unique experience in Kalmar? Then you can join our night kayaking. We glide quietly forward on the dark and calm water and see the lights in the city twinkle along the quays and beaches.

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How does it work?

When you arrive at Kalmar Kayak's rental in Vattentornsparken, we will help you get the right equipment. We go through some paddling technology and have a safety review, and hand out light sources. When everyone is ready, our guide will take the group out on the water to see the last sunlight from the kayaks. We then paddle through the twilight until dark. Hopefully we will see the moon come up so that we can paddle in the moonlight. The two-hour tour will take us a bit out of town, to more natural areas. This tour is for you who are looking for that little extra, and want to get the absolute best out of your kayaking. When others go home, we embark on a unique adventure.

The night paddling is suitable for you who have paddled at some point before and feel safe in the kayak.

A tip is to bring a water bottle, something easy to eat, a warm sweater / jacket and an extra change. You can rent a drybag from us, if you need waterproof storage for the replacement.

Price: SEK 490 per person

For all tours:

- Number of participants: max 10, minimum 2
- Max weight: 130 kg
- Swimming skills are a requirement

Good things to bring:

- Water bottle
- Set of changing clothes


Find us

The tour begins at the pier below our rental in Vattentornsparken. Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts to prepare equipment. Welcome!