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Rent kayak in Kalmar

Rent a kayak at Kalmar kajak

In the middle of Kalmar, in Vattentorsparken down by the canal, you will find Kalmar kayak. We want to make it possible for everyone to experience the wonderful feeling of gliding on the water in our beautiful Kalmar. You will experience the city in a whole new way.

Our stable and easy paddled kayaks are suitable whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler. The waters around Kvarnholmen and Ängö also have a lot to offer, everything from the calm canal to the open sea, choose for yourself what suits you and your experience.

If you need tips on where to paddle, we are happy to help you with a suitable trip based on your experience and current weather.

Before you go out on the water, our knowledgeable staff will help you with the equipment, go through the safety and give you technical tips. Everything to make your paddling experience as good as possible. For us at Kalmar kayak, it is important that your paddle trip feels fun and safe.

What is included when you rent a kayak from us?

When you rent a kayak from us at Kalmar kajak, the equipment you need to be able to paddle is always included.

We provide you with a kayak, paddle, life jacket, map and canopy / splash guard. We go through how to paddle and hold a safety review before you go out on the canal. You can rent a waterproof bag to store your belongings in, which you can take with you during the paddle trip in the kayak's luggage compartment or rent a storage compartment from us on land.

How does it work?

Book your kayak online before you come to the rental, to quickly get out on the water. If you have pre-booked on the website, you only need to check in with our staff on site, leave your belongings in the storage compartment or pack them in the kayak and then pick up the equipment.

Before we help you down in the kayak, we hold an instruction and safety review, so you can safely paddle away and enjoy your time on the water.

To think of

Remember that you need to pay attention to your other out on the water. You share the water with others who move there, such as boats and bathing people.

Feel free to come in soft and comfortable clothes to feel as comfortable as possible during the paddle trip.

Popular routes

There are routes for everyone - from beginners to experienced paddlers. You choose if you just want to paddle for an hour or take a full day trip. Here you see some suggestions for nice routes.

Prices & frequently asked questions


Full day

One man kayak

SEK 250
SEK 350
SEK 650

Two man kayak

SEK 500
SEK 700
SEK 950

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! The requirements for paddling are that you are at least 18 years old (or in the company of a parent) and able to swim, the rest we will help you with. We have stable and easy paddled kayaks that are suitable for beginners and our staff goes through everything you need to know before you go out on the water. If you feel unsafe, we usually recommend paddling with someone else in a two-man kayak, which is the most stable kayak we have.

Whether a child can paddle or not depends on the child's self-confidence and age. We have life jackets in all sizes and if the child is big enough to paddle in their own kayak, it goes well, with adult company out on the water. It is also possible to paddle a two-man kayak together, alternatively two adults in a two-man kayak where one sits still with a child in his arms in front, and the one sitting in the back takes care of the paddling itself. If you are a very experienced paddler, it is good to paddle a one-man kayak with a child in your arms.
All paddling is at your own risk.

We recommend that you wear comfortable, mobile and soft clothing for the best paddling experience. Bring a jacket if it is windy or rainy and sunscreen and a water bottle in hot and sunny weather. An extra change can be nice to wear after the tour.

Det finns plats att lämna skor och väskor på, men vi ansvarar inte för förlorade tillhörigheter. Du kan hyra drybags, vattentäta påsar, hos oss som du enkelt kan förvara i kajakens bagageutrymmen under paddelturen, alternativt kan du hyra ett låsbart skåp att förvara värdesaker i.

We are open in almost all weathers! The only times we do not recommend you paddle are when it thunders and flashes. If you want to be sure that the weather is good when you paddle, you can choose to buy our "rebooking guarantee", or rebooking protection as it is also called, so you can rebook up to 6 hours before paddling is booked.

Depending on your experience and current weather conditions, we in the staff give you suggestions for suitable routes to paddle. Here on the website you can also read more about routes that we recommend.


Find us

You will find us along the canal on Kvarnholmen in Vattentornsparken. The nearest street address is Larmgatan 38 and along Larmgatan you will find parking right next to the park.

We are only a couple of minutes walk from Kalmar C, where you can go by both bus and train.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked time to have time to try out the right equipment in peace and quiet before you go out on the water.

Courses & events

Would you rather paddle with a group led by an experienced instructor? Book for one of our upcoming courses or events below.