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Around Ängö

Duration: approx. 1.5h

Difficulty: 3/5 (experience required)

Beautiful and varied trip through protected water and out to open sea.

You start the journey north in Systraströmmen and then paddle further through the Fredriksskan Canal. Then continue north inland cut up past Lindö and round Kullö. If you want to go ashore and take a break, it fits nicely on Kullö. Then continue east past the northern tip of Ängö where you reach the open sea. You then continue south and turn in between Ängö and Varvsholmen. There you are back in protected water and can see Kalmar's new residential area emerge as a contrast to Ängö's older buildings. After you have paddled under the Ängö Bridge, you are back in the Fredsriksskanskanalen and have only a short distance left to our bridge.